While your garage door seems sturdy enough to do its purpose, it still needs tune-ups and maintenance to make it function well.

Owners should attend to even the slightest defect, such as damaged springs, noisy rollers, and faulty switches may lead to accidents, if not lots of disappointment, tons of hassle and blown-up expenses.

There shouldn’t be any other place to go but Botella Republic for garage door emergency and regular maintenance services necessary for the upkeep of your garage‚Äôs opening and security system.

We do not simply specialize in the repair and replacement of your garage door; we consider it our life.


General Services


Repair and maintenance are already a given. Whatever happens to your garage door, we’ll take care of it as if our own.

Parts Replacement


While your garage doors can last the longest, some mechanisms would need tuning up or replacement, such as the spring, rollers, cables, etc.

New Garage Door Installation



Whether you need a new one installed because the previous garage door no longer works or simply because you don’t have one yet, Botella Republic will take care of getting a new one installed based on your preference and specifications.

Our Technicians


The Botella Republic technicians are always ready for dispatch to inspect your garage door and have them repaired right away. While we believe in quick resolutions, we never compromise quality and efficiency.

We have our lines always open for your inquiries and garage door needs.