How to Remodel Your Garage Door in 2017

Garage doors, especially those that are front-faced, affect the curb appeal and overall aesthetic design of homes. Remodeling and upgrading doors can raise your house resale value and bring life to a dull exterior.

If you’re looking into making some changes to your property after the holidays, here are few trends you can do to transform your garage door this 2017.

Switch to Energy Efficient Doors

Visit manufacturer websites and check materials that reduce household heating costs. Remember that your garage door could be the largest moving object in your home which, in essence, will bring the coldest gust of air into your house. This energy-saving style works best for any garage that is attached to the home and has rooms sitting right above it. Also, insulated doors with higher R-Value or thermal resistance are quieter than regular garage doors.

Door Opener Apps

Mobile applications, nowadays, work with household items apart from regular games, music, and office software. With wifi, Bluetooth, or a receiver, apps such as iSmartgate and Garagemate now enable homeowners to open and close garage doors using their smartphones remotely with a press of a button. Pretty soon, keys may become obsolete with keyless entries.

Design and Current Trends

There are many designs to choose from manufacturer collections. Some examples are beautiful carriage wood doors, traditional wood, steel, contemporary aluminum, and courtyard look that can complement the aesthetic of your house’s exterior. You can also choose premium doors with window trims, and vibrant paint finishes to add to the beauty of your home.

If you can find any manufacturer that can offer all these features in one door, go for it! Your garage door renovation may cost hundreds of dollars upfront, but if done right, your expenses would be well worth it after you see the increase in your home’s market value.